Developing the Food Web:  

Whether you have an organization established or just see the injustices in the food system and are finding ways to work towards solutions, we can research grants that fit your funding needs, write professional proposals and help you develop a strategic food systems plan with social justice principles at the core. 

Food & Farm Business Advising:  

Are you growing a specialty crop and don’t know where to start to find a buyer? Are you a food processor looking to source an ingredient from a domestic organic farmer? Do you have a dream of starting a farm or re-envisioning your current farm? Are you facing a crisis in your farm business and don’t know where to turn? We work intensively with you 1:1 to evaluate what your options are and set you on an action plan and roadmap to get your business on track. 

Headache Reducer Organic Compliance & Accreditation Support:  

Whether you are just starting out on the path to organic certification; if you are struggling to keep up with the changes in regulations or if you find your business facing a non-compliance, we can help you navigate the regulatory system with clarity and a systematic approach.